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    Antibes & Juan les Pines

    It’s the schizophrenic nature of my existence as a freelance journalist that I find myself one day covering the world’s largest real estate exhibition in Cannes, the next walking along the ancient stone walls of Antibes, only 12 minutes away by chugger train but in an utterly different world. I had arrived filled with a sort of neurotic momentum. That forced pace that always builds up during a week of tearing around the miles of temporarily-carpeted drags between the row upon row of neon stands of the Palais des Festivales in Cannes.   – But the further I walked through the still stones and flowered walls of Antibes, the slower…

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    In pictures: Belfast

    I took a trip to Belfast in January, to write a feature for TNT Magazine (due to be published in February). Here are some of the pictures I took, of the city centre, the Peace Walls, the Harland & Wolff docks where Titanic was built and a few other sights to be found wandering around this wonderful place..   [Show slideshow] 12► Tweet

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    In pictures: Bordeaux

    In September I spent a blissful few days in Bordeaux, exploring this gorgeous town by myself with a notebook and camera in hand. Here’s the article I wrote for TNT Magazine, and below are some of the pictures I took…   Tweet

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    Destinations Travel Magazine/Traveldudes, October issue: ’10 Tips for the lone traveller’

    This article originally appeard in the October issue of ‘Destinations Travel Magazine‘, a major international travel site and a Kred ‘Top 50 Travel Blogger Sites’; and  here on Traveldudes, a well known travel site with a huge social networking following. 10 TIPS FOR THE LONE TRAVELLER  It can be utterly bewildering taking on a new city, metro system or train station alone. You arrive aching, dizzy and drenched in sweat, the only traveller among thousands, where nobody knows you or gives a damn, unable to find your hostel, bus or train, and not even knowing how to begin to ask a passer-by for help. But remember, there’s always a solution.…

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    Hectic, Electric, Magnetic, Hanoi

    If I had to do one thing for the rest of time, I would walk the streets of Hanoi. There’s magic in those streets, where every sense tingles with a vivid intensity. The colours, sights, smells and sounds you take in with every step and the thunderstorm of motorbikes and taxis that explodes every day. And the food, ah the food. Those delicate but powerful flavours of the noodles cooked just that little bit differently in each street restaurant, the little baguettes with a myriad of mysterious fillings or the barbecued pork that smokes as it grills on a street corner in the warm evening air. Perhaps it’s the feisty…

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    Au revoir for now..

    Dear all.. so it’s official now I’m going on a big trip (or maybe a farce) starting in two weeks, travelling from the UK to Vietnam by rail, including the Trans Siberian Railway. It’s a reckless ‘end of 20s meltdown’, during which I will be spending a disturbing amount of time in small train carriages with questionable toilet facilities and no doubt a good cross-section of bodily odours. Can’t wait. And before I go I was wondering if peeps might be able to give me some tips…. Tweet