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Au revoir for now..

Dear all.. so it’s official now I’m going on a big trip (or maybe a farce) starting in two weeks, travelling from the UK to Vietnam by rail, including the Trans Siberian Railway.

It’s a reckless ‘end of 20s meltdown’, during which I will be spending a disturbing amount of time in small train carriages with questionable toilet facilities and no doubt a good cross-section of bodily odours. Can’t wait. And before I go I was wondering if peeps might be able to give me some tips….

I’m writing up the trip in a blog for the Huffington Post along the way, and I need lots of interesting and unusual experiences to turn into interesting and unusual stories that will give the blog a nice ‘off the beaten track’ tone.

So if anybody has any suggestions about really unique, maybe rough & ready places/areas/sights in the cities I’ll be stopping off in (below) that don’t feature in all the guide books, I’d be really grateful if you could let me know. And if anybody is in these cities either living or travelling, while I’m passing through, it would be great to hook up if you don’t mind being a tour guide for a few hours…

I’ll be sharing posts on bookface, and twitter, and the Huffington Post will be doing the same, so you can keep an eye on how the toilets/ bodily odours are progressing throughout the trip. Thanks all, have a great couple of months, see you in July! xx

I’m leaving on June 20th and going to Paris for a couple of nights; after that I’m taking in the following cities over the next five weeks or so:



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