I was commissioned to write a guide book of my home county, Nottinghamshire, by Kingfisher Publishing. This covered all aspects of life in Nottinghamshire, from shopping to sports to where to dine out. You can view an e-version of this here.Read More →

[Widget_Twitter id=”1″] This article was picked up by TNT Magazine in April 2014 One summer day two years ago I heaved a rucksack over my shoulder and set off on the trip of a lifetime. Over the next month I sat on train after train, either alone or thrown in with some truly colourful company, whizzing between some of the great European cities: Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw, on to Moscow, through the wilderness of Siberia, the plains of Outer Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, the lush greenery of China’s countryside and the madness of its colossal cities, until finally my last ride ground to a standstillRead More →

I was nominated as a finalist in the Wimdu & Travel Dudes ‘City I Love’ Competition! One of my blogs, ‘Hectic, Electric, Magnetic, Hanoi’ was put forward to the last 10 out of hundreds of entries after the organisers asked writers to submit articles explaining what they love so much about their chosen cities. Thanks Wimdu and Travel Dudes, looking forward to spending my voucher!Read More →