Barcroft Media

During a period working at international news agency Barcroft Media  I wrote numerous stories which featured in every major national newspaper and some national consumer  and newspaper magazines.

It was a hugely valuable experience in which I learnt many important skills including writing to a national newspaper style, the importance of thorough and accurate research often under extreme pressure and how to make a story saleable to a national.


These stories, covering a range of fascinating consumer topics, were based on considerable research and interviews, often visiting sites and assisting in photography.

The subjects * were varied and often unusual, such as this story which appeared in The Sun about Meerkats or the following piece on a wildlife photogrpaher who went to the heights of the jungle to get a great snap, which appeared in The Telgraph and The Sun.

Another piece which received wide coverage was about urban artist Zara Gaze, who makes sculptures using sand left on building sites, which appeared in many instances including the Daily Mail.

*please note that the rights to all of the above are owned by the newspapers which carry each story, and in most cases have been edited or rewritten by in-house reporters. I am not claiming to have produced these articles exactly as they appear, or own copyright to any of them.

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