Odiousness of ‘no’ campaign proves why we need a ‘yes’

If there was any doubt in my mind about which way to vote on AV, the ‘no’ campaign has helped clear up the matter. The patronising force-feeding of crudely couched untruths and malevolent over-simplifications instead of presenting us with a well thought-out list of arguments and cogent analysis shows the present system up for all of its flaws. Is it because they think we wouldn’t get our feeble heads around their elevated and lofty arguments? Is it because they don’t know why they are against it themselves they just know that they don’t want change? Is it because they know that if they tried to build a solid case for opposing AV it would stand up as robustly as a house of cards in a sandstorm? So let’s take the only semblance of an argument that we have been slapped with. That AV would cost the country too much – soldiers would be mercilessly slaughtered and babies would die horrific lonely futile deaths. Errrm, pardon? Does this mean that no reform should ever be made because it costs money? Were the NHS/ welfare/ public health acts/ universal suffrage/ abolition of slavery gross errors because they were administratively costly to set up? And how can the tories, sorry the ‘No’ campaign, sleep at night after a day of flogging the “let’s not waste money” argument given the millions of pounds ourĀ  intervention in Libya is scouring from the public purse? Are they saying that attacking Gadafi – while not an entirely […]